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Here you will find all of our product images in low res jpg form.

Our photos are searchable by Item Number, UPC, filename, category, vendor, and keywords.
The Rite Aid item numbers are seven digits and UPC numbers are eleven.
Keywords include general words specific to the product like brand name, product name, size.
Category numbers are five digit numbers. The current category list is here.
The vendor field matches on vendor names or vendor numbers.

When doing a search, all fields are used to determine matches. This can be very helpful to narrow searches.
For example: at the moment searching for the vendor Keebler yields 66 results. Searching for keyword cookies returns 208. Searching for both of them at the same time returns only 19 matches.

The tnumber, item number, UPC, and keyword fields all use a 'starts with' search.
That means searching for 'cookie' will return results for cookie and cookies.
Searching for the first six digits of a UPC number (we include the leading UPC digit) is an easy way to find all items of a certain brand.

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